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Upon completing your order there are two process. The Processing Days and Shipping Days.

Processing Days- It refers to process your order or to make your order. Some of our products is made to order and to be made after the payment has been successful. It usually takes 5-7 working days (might took long some of the Holidays). It is the time also that we set your order to pack and to be safe as is. 

Shipping Days- After the Product has been processed, it is time now to ship your order. Shipping days will take 2-4 weeks to complete. Our Products has been manufactured in different countries.So we allot this time frame since in it is in different areas. 

Note: It is only in a time frame. Most of the time, Processing together with Shipping Days may be completed in the range of 12-20 working days and of course, we are giving the best services we can do for you.



When your item is already shipped, you will received an email notification of your order with your tracking code and how you can track it. This will  take usually 5-7 days after completing the shipping days.

To track your Order, click here




Rest assured that your item is on its way. However, in some cases, we recommend to check with your postal service in case you haven’t been notified and if you are not able to collect your item then please to us at



Cancellation of Order

If you are not yet sure about your order or you order it for a mistake. You can cancel your order immediately. We will give cancellation for 1 working day after the payment. So make sure that you order a correct one and make it clear after you place your order.

Note: 30% Charge of the price may apply in cancellation of the order.

Some of our Products like Mug and T-Shirt, or kind of made to order Products can't be cancel anymore after the Processing Days and ready to be shipped.

In case you want to change or cancel you order, please let us know as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we are happy to help:





 After you receive an email containing your shipping information. It's the time for you to monitor the status online. We highly suggest to every customer to call the local post once it reaches your specific country. Track your order here

UNDELIVERED - Please take note that we are not liable for every undelivered order. It only means that you provided wrong address or incomplete address,reasons why carrier can't deliver and return it to sender. 

RETURN TO DESTINATION COUNTRY - We are not responsible for every return item to destination country. Please be reminded that we didn't receive any items that was return from delivery. We will not also issue any refund from this concern. It already cost us production , shipping , delivery , return fee's , etc. plus we didn't receive item that was return so refund is so impossible for us to issue.

TAKE NOTE:  Please provide accurate shipping information and monitor online status delivery for you not to encounter things like undelivered items. Thanks 

 Custom Fees : The costs and rates for Customs charges can vary from country and region, depending on local tax laws regarding importing products from other regions - as well as what products in particular are being shipped. Customs charges should be handled by the customers.


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